Alexis's Deep Carpet Cleaning in Battersea SW11

Deep Carpet Cleaning Battersea SW11If you're having trouble getting rid of stubborn, worn-in stains, or hard-to-shift blemishes on your household carpets, then help is at hand talk to Alexis's Carpet Cleaning Services now about our deep carpet cleaning in Battersea SW11, and enjoy a professional service delivered by our extensive trained and experienced team!

Alexis's carpet cleaners in Battersea SW11 follow a rigorous, tried and tested method so when you book us for a carpet deep clean, this is what you get:

  • We'll come to your house, with cleaning equipment and a range of shampoos and conditioners.
  • Before cleaning, we will remove all furniture and fittings from the area for cleaning.
  • A stronger detergent is used to treat more resilient stains.
  • Next our staff shampoo thoroughly, before vacuum cleaning.
  • By injecting shampoo into the weave, we deliver a deep clean to the carpet.
  • It is at this stage that we will be able to treat your carpets with protective Scotchgard, if you require it.
  • The next stage is to rake the fibres of your carpet, in order to help it dry.
  • We then return your furniture, adding layers of foil to protect contamination at contact points.
  • Before leaving, we will provide you with protective overshoes designed to keep your drying carpets free from contamination. Drying typically takes three-four hours, and can be improved by leaving a window open.

Battersea SW11 Deep Carpet Cleaners SW11It's not just our cleaning results that have been earning us high praise, though we aim to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every job we undertake, and it's our belief that the results really do speak for themselves! See for yourself what past customers have been rating us as the finest of carpet cleaning companies in Battersea SW11, over on our reviews page.

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Deep carpet cleaning is not a technique on its own but a category used for describing the "deep reaching effect" of the treatment as not all cleaning procedures are such. Deep cleaning methods remove sufficient amount of dirt from your carpet as most of it is collected between the tufts and in the bottom layers of a rug. Our experienced technicians will not just satisfy even the most demanding customers but we will offer you advice so you can benefit even further from our experise. Alexis's skilled emlpoyees recommend that you vacuum thoroughly your carpets and rugs twice a week in order to keep a safe household environment.

For years dry carpet cleaning has been used in commercial facilities such as airports, hotels, casinos, restaurants and offices, because it able to provide a thorough deep clean while taking no time for drying. As suggested by its name the dry compound cleaning uses no moisture and the carpet is ready to use immediately after our experts have finished. One of the biggest advantages of the dry powder cleaning is that it is able to remove the dirt from delicate fabrics. Nowadays more and more people rely on this method for their residential cleaning as it is the perfect "last-minute" solution.

If you are a parent, a pet owner or an allergy sufferer, Alexis's cleaning team recommends hot water extraction (HWE) as the best way to go. This treatment is unbeaten in its ability to extract large volume of dirt from the fibers, at the same time it is unique because of the fact it kills bacteria, mites and mold. Simply put the heated water leaves no survivors, making your carpet a safe playground for your toddlers and pets once again. The heat allows the dirt to let go of fibers without the usage of tough chemicals and our technicians use just our green formulas which are based on natural products and leave no residue.